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Nick Clegg's new proposals for shared parental leave

November 13, 2012 10:00 AM

Commenting on Nick Clegg's speech, to be given Tuesday 13th November, which includes new proposals for shared parental leave, Women Liberal Democrat Chair Dr Miranda Whitehead said,

"This is a historic achievement for the Liberal Democrats, and for women. Much of the gender pay gap is due to employers discriminating against women in their late twenties and thirties, who miss out on promotions and pay rises when their children are young.

Even women without children can be discriminated against, as employers fear they will fall pregnant and take time off, and so favour male candidates.

If both parents can share time off when children are born, then there is no reason for employers to discriminate against mothers any more."

1. For comment and interviews with Miranda, please contact Tamora Langley - Tel. 07717 852 191 / tamoralangley@gmail.com

2. Tomorrow (Tuesday 13 November), Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will give a speech on women at which he will announce a range of new family friendly policies to help working families. He will visit Third Door in South West London - an innovative centre combining a workspace for parents and childcare for their children.

3. For more information on WLD visit http://www.wld.org.uk